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Minimize noise in your pipeline

Working In Salesbox... How to go from an Idea of a new customer to a closed deal, the example of Kim on ABC Company Inc.

Task are activities and can be anything
Task 1
focus: Identify lead
find the right person to talk to(- Kim)
When finding the right person, add Kim as Lead
Leads is a person that might be a buyer
Task 2
focus: Qualify lead
talk to Kim
The lead Kim is:
A. In scope
The contact is interested in buying within your set time frame, i.e. you have something to win/loose.
ACTION: Convert the Lead to an Oportuninty - See Task 3
B. Out of scope
When the contact is interested in buying but NOT within your set time frame Kim stay as a lead.

ACTION: create Task to talk to Kim later. Task focus: follow up Lead
C. Not interested

ACTION: Set the lead as done
An Opportunity is something to win or loose that you apply a sales process on
Task 3
focus: Book meeting
start the salesprocess with Kim
The opportunity on Kim can end in:  
A. Purchase
B. Non-purchase